The start of a new year - and the start of a new decade! - is the perfect time to think about switching your look up a little… and what better way to go about this than giving your hair colour a bit of a makeover?

One of the biggest hair trends to have emerged for the next 12 months is twilighting, a mix of bayalage painted directly onto your hair and babylights, which are more subtle highlights applied using foil to create a beautiful naturally warm look that’s just perfect for the winter months.

According to Glamour, colourist Karissa Schaudt from Maxine Salon in Chicago came up with the name for the shade, predicting that it is going to be big news over the coming 12 months.

She describes the colour as “brunette with warm undertones, meaning the colour is reflecting golden hues”, going on to say: “This is a perfect balance of foiling and balayaging. The placement of each serves a specific purpose. Unlike a foil where the highlights are concentrated evenly from roots to ends, twilighting marries the two techniques to produce a result that’s natural but bold.”

Alternatively, if you’d rather go for a cut rather than a colour, you might want to see if the shag cut would suit your face shape and personal style, as it’s apparently going to be one of the most popular haircuts for 2020.

Speaking to the news source, stylist Bradley Deeming from Salon 64 says the keen interest in this particular hairstyle will certainly help drive “the year of grunge”. Get the look, he continued, by creating messy hair (but tastefully so) with a strong shape, rather like Alexa Chung, Suki waterhouse and Selena Gomez.

Hair with as many layers as possible and choppy ends, potentially with a bold curly fringe, will hit the trend head on.

As for hair accessories, it seems that you could do a lot worse than the humble scrunchie this year. Hair clips have been proving very popular over the last few months (and we’re sure they’ll continue to be trendy for quite some time), but the scrunchie is where it’s going to be at for accessories in 2020, it would seem.

Pinterest’s 100 report revealed that searches on the site for the term ‘hair scrunchies’ has climbed by 6,309 per cent… so now’s time to stock up on a few hair ties here and there if you want to make sure you look fashionable as we move through winter and into spring.

Just make sure that you look for scrunchies made out of more luxurious material like leather and silk. You can even find big-name brands getting in on the act, including Ganni, Versace and Jennifer Behr!

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